Adding Luxury Additions to Small Spaces in and Around Your Home

Adding Luxury Additions to Small Spaces in and Around Your Home

One of the biggest current trends in home renovations is creating luxury additions in small spaces. We tend to think in a large scale when we’re trying to conceive how to add some luxuries to available spaces in and around the home. But just as it is with consumer’s recent fascination with small houses, this thinking is being turned on its head as more and more people are willing to make the most of the space they have, small or large.

Adding Luxury Additions to Small Spaces in and Around Your Home

Building an In-ground Swimming Pool in a Small Yard

Small space luxuries begin with a dream. A case in point for this type of thinking is having an in-ground swimming pool built into a small yard.

  • Size shouldn’t be a consideration. No matter the size of the yard, a fully functioning and artistically designed in-ground pool works every bit as well in a small yard as it does in a larger one.
  • The advantages of a freeform pool. This naturalistic, irregular shaped pool design works exceptionally well in a smaller space, and it can be designed to allow for landscaping features, decking and patio furniture.
  • Concrete pools with vinyl liners. This may be the way to go given that there are some space constraints with a fiberglass pool that a smaller space will just not allow. This type of pool material has the advantage of being able to be constructed in any shape you need or desire.

Creating a Luxury Spa Bathroom in Your Home

There’s so much you can do with this one. You’ll only be limited by your own imagination. With some well thought out design work and a quality re-modeler, you can create a bath spa that you’ll enjoy and that looks great, too.

  • A custom-built shower. Lets you design exactly the tub and shower combination you need in the space you have.
  • Large mirrors. Floor to ceiling on as many wall surfaces as possible will make your bathroom spa look a lot larger than it really is.
  • Ambient lighting. Plan on some recessed lighting in the ceiling and walls. Multi-colored bulbs can be a nice touch, as well.

Creating Lush Areas Where Flowers and Plants Grow in Your Home

This is, perhaps, the easiest ways to add luxury to small spaces. What if in every room of your home there were designed spaces to contain an assortment of flowers and plants? You may wish to have indoor planter boxes and wall and ceiling attachments and holders professionally designed and built right into your home’s structure. This simple act in itself can open up whole new design schemes for you in terms of furnishings and paint color choices.

This is just a small sampling of ideas for adding luxury to small spaces in and around your home. Once you begin to visualize those areas, be sure and consult with a professional home improvement specialist so the job is done just the way you envision it.

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