Bookshelves Around Door and Windows is Elegant and Functional

Bookshelves Around Door and Windows is Elegant and Functional

One of the most popular current trends in home decor is creating space-saving bookshelves around windows and doorways. If you’re intrigued by this concept and want to find some inspiration for the project, just check out the hundreds of photos available on sites like When you consider if it’s a great idea, especially if you are considering hiring a professional for a whole house upgrade. In that case you’ll be able to have built aesthetically pleasing yet functional bookshelves around some of your doors and windows for storage of books, curios, mementos and souvenirs. The possibilities are endless, confined only by your own imagination. Here are a few design ideas to whet your appetite.

Turning a Hallway Into a Elegant Nook for Reading

Imagine if you will, walking out of your home office space into a well-lit hallway where a narrow shelf unit on both walls, facing inward, are filled with books. The shelves are built upon a solid and decorative base, two feet high. A narrow runner leads from the doorway to a ceiling high window with the same base that supports the shelves along the walls in front of it. This attractive nook creates a pleasant design element and serves to neatly house books for reference by the occupant of the office.

The Look of a Library Connecting Two Larger Rooms

In this design scheme you might have bookcases built on both sides and above a wide doorway along a wall leading into, say, the living room. This look of a sophisticated library is further enhanced by the installation of a rolling ladder for access to books stored on the topmost shelves. The creation of what appears to be an elegant passageway from a library into a sitting room lends an air of charm and grace to both rooms and opens up a sizable area for storage.

Arch-topped Bookcases in a Room with a Fireplace

This concept works well in existing rooms where a fireplace in centrally located along the length of a wall, or as a design element in a whole house upgrade. The look you’re after here is door or window sized arch-topped bookshelves, one on each side of the fireplace. Not only does this lend a lot of charm to this room, it also creates a space for those special books best read while seated before a cozy fire.

If this has indeed whet your appetite for a project of this sort, whether it be having bookshelves built around an existing door or window, or for incorporating this design scheme into multiple rooms in a whole house upgrade, you’re going to need a professional contractor.

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