More Ways To Use The Space Under Your Stairs

More Ways To Use The Space Under Your Stairs

So you have space under your stairs and you’re wondering what to do with it. You’ll most likely find the number of possibilities surprising. Let’s see what you can do when you utilize the space under your stairs.

1. A kitchen

While you won’t be able to fit your entire kitchen under the stairs, how about using that space to stow away your stove or coffee bar? 

2. Your Home Office

Tuck your desk and related office equipment under the open space beneath your stairs. 

3. A Bookcase

Use the space under the stairs to house a mini library. Cool idea, right? A large number of books can fit in this space when you get creative about how to fit in the shelves.

4. A Bathroom

A bathroom? Yes, why not? Think outside the box with this idea and you might end up with a quaint bathroom area underneath the stairs. Use fixtures that help save space, such as a toilet or sink that fit in as wall mounts.

5. Reading Area

Build in a cushioned bench, a few shelves for books and a little bit of lighting. You’ll end up with a cozy area to spend lazy afternoons curled up with a good read.

6. Storage for Guitars, Bikes, etc

Do you or a family member play guitar? Use that space to mount each guitar for storage. Add in an amp or two and turn it into a rehearsal area instead. Or maybe bike riding is your thing. Mount your bikes under the stairs, where they’re always at-the-ready for the next ride.

7. Walk-in Closet

Out of closet space in the house? Have a rod or shelving put in to create a snazzy new closet.

8. Drawers

Maybe you don’t need a walk-in closet but are having trouble finding a place for items that best fit in drawers. Install floor-to-ceiling drawers and you’ll never have that problem again.

9. More Ideas for the area under your stairs

– Loft with bed

– Entertainment center

– Wine cellar

– Food pantry

– Toy closet

What do you think? Are you inspired by these ideas? All you need to do now is choose your favorite and get to work installing it. Not sure how to create it yourself? No problem. Reach out to a local contractor, tell them what you need, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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