Saving Space In The Closet

Saving Space In The Closet

For many people, a well-organized closet is just one step to reaching this side of heaven. There’s nothing quite like opening up those closet doors and seeing everything nice and neatly put in its proper place. It’s easy to sort through when you’re trying to find a particular item, and it’s also easy to add new items to the closet down the road, since everything already has a set place.

The reality for most, however, is very different. What starts out as a well-designed space usually ends up turning into a cluttered mess as we try to fit more and more stuff into a tiny space. If this sounds more like your reality than the first paragraph, the good news is that your cluttered closet can be upgraded to help you make the most of your space. And in many cases, these upgrades are fairly easy to do.

 Double Up

Possibly the easiest thing you can do is remember that your closet is a lot taller than your clothes are. Unless you are hanging a lot of long dresses, there’s most likely quite a bit of room left over, vertically speaking. Why not take advantage of that vertical space by adding a second bar? By lifting up the top bar a foot or so (while still keeping those clothes in reach) you can add a second bar underneath, which can accommodate shorter items.

 Don’t Forget Your Walls

Many people forget that the walls in a closet offer some great storage ideas, as well. By installing something as simple as hooks on a wall, or adding a pegboard, you can turn a wall into a place to store accessories or other smaller items.

 Adding Shelves

Those two suggestions can help, but sometimes you have to be ready to go a little bigger. By adding shelves — which can be customized in an almost endless variety to suit your particular closet — you can really make the most of all the space in your closet, including what’s above and below your line of sight.

 Add Some Technology

Of course, you can even go bigger, if you have a lot of space to utilize and the imagination to fill it. By adding a little technology, such as motorized clothing rods or tie racks, you can store your clothes virtually anywhere, because a simple push of a button can bring anything you need right within your reach.

So, the next time you start thinking about your closet, don’t look at what’s there right now — look at what could be there. If you can think it up, it can be built! Take your cluttered, messy closet and turn it into your own little slice of heaven.

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