This Will Help You Decide Between A This Will Help You Decide Between A Pedestal Sink Or A Vanity?

This Will Help You Decide Between A Pedestal Sink Or A Vanity

Remodeling a bathroom is a fun adventure. When you start drawing up plans, you will have a lot of big decisions to make. What’s your color palette? What’s your overall style – modern, classic or minimalist? What changes do you want to make, and what can stay? What functions do you want to add to your bathroom?

One of the things you’ll need to decide is what kind of sink you want. The two major options are a pedestal style and a vanity style. Here’s a quick guide to help you make that decision, since there are several things to take into consideration.

This Will Help You Decide Between A Pedestal Sink Or A Vanity

1. Do You Need Storage?

The biggest reason to choose a vanity style over a pedestal is storage. A pedestal sink won’t have storage under it, unlike a vanity. Plus, a vanity offers counter space for toiletries and cosmetics – while a pedestal won’t. This is a big deciding factor for a lot of homeowners. If you have good storage elsewhere in your bathroom, a pedestal might still be a great option. However, if you don’t have shelving or a closet in the bathroom, or really need the counter space, then you might want to choose a vanity.

2. What is Your Budget?

As with a lot of remodeling decisions, budget will influence your final decision. In most cases, a porcelain pedestal sink will cost more than a small vanity. (Of course, this can vary based on styles and specifics.) Plus, be sure to read the fine print when purchasing a pedestal sink – some styles are sold in two pieces, which can double the expected price. Also, consider the fact that if you currently have a vanity style, installing a pedestal one might require redoing some plumbing, purchasing extra storage, and redoing floors and walls that might have to be redone if they are going to be covered up by a vanity.

3. Which Bathroom is This For?

Finally, consider how much use the bathroom gets. If it’s your master bathroom and is used daily for getting ready, a vanity is probably a better fit. If it’s for a powder room or half bathroom that is only used when you have guests, then a pedestal might work. Also, think about the size of the room. A vanity will be larger, while a pedestal gives a lighter and airier look. What is the bathroom used for, how big is it and what are the preferences of the primary users?

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