Choosing the Right Tub: Picking the Right Tub Option to Fit Your Needs

Two Key Points For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Designing your remodeled dream bathroom can be one of the most rewarding home improvement projects around. When laying out your bathroom design you’ll want to take some time to review a few key points. First, you’re going to need to assess your bathroom needs, who will be using it and for what purpose? If your bathroom full or a partial? Having these points in mind will allow you and your contractor to develop a layout strategy built for design success and optimal functionality. In this article, we will review these important questions to ask yourself along with layout designs for your remodeled dream bathroom.

Ask Yourself These Bathroom Related Questions

Before we mentioned who will be using your bathroom. Knowing the purpose and users of your dream bathroom is going to be the first step in formulating a bathroom remodel design plan. Will two adults be using the space at the same time for morning and evening routines? Will you need to sit for makeup application? Do you prefer having your shower and tub combined into one or separate?

Take your family into consideration as well. Do you have children who will be the primary users of the bathroom, and if so what age? Younger children may need space for a step stool, while older children may need additional cabinetry and storage space.

Do you have any pets who will be bathed in the tub? Answering yes to this question may influence your decision for a combined shower and tub option. Bathing pets, even on occasion will greatly affect your plans for an open and efficient layout that maintains functionality.

Know About The Three Layout Options

All remodeling designs begin with a review of the available space and general layout of the room. This is especially important when it comes to bathrooms as there is typically quite a bit of plumbing to take into consideration. Within the bathroom alone you will find drains and water lines for the sink, tub, shower, and toilet. When taking each of these into consideration we need to review the three wet-wall layouts.

The first option is the one-wall layout. This is where the sink, tub, shower, and toilet lining share a single wall with combined plumbing and drainage. While this layout is the most cost-effective, it can be limiting in the area of design.

Next is a two-wall layout. This layout provides additional flexibility in structure placement as the toilet and sink can reside on one wall while the tub and shower occupy another.

The final layout is the three-wall version which is the most versatile, allowing for optimal design options. The three-wall layout is also the most complicated due to piping and drains. If you’re looking at a three-wall layout, it is highly advised to speak with our highly skilled and experienced bathroom remodeling experts.

Now that you know which questions to ask and the associated layout options to best fit your bathroom space it’s time to begin your bathroom remodeling project! If you’re located in the Santa Rosa area, be sure to give our professional team a call, right here at Gold Hammer Construction.

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