Top Tricks To Brighten Your Bathroom

Top Tricks To Brighten Your Bathroom

Often older bathrooms were designed with efficiency in mind and atmosphere was an afterthought. Things have begun to take a turn for the better in our bathrooms these days. If you have a dark or dull bathroom, there are many easy fixes that can be done to brighten it up. Nearly all of these projects can by done by your average Do It Yourselfer but it is always wise to consult a professional contractor before taking on any major remodel. You can use these ideas individually or together to get even more light in your bathroom.

New Coat of Paint

If your bathroom walls are a dark, light absorbing color, a quick fix is a new coat of paint. This is one of the cheapest and fastest fixes you can do to brighten up your bathroom space. By giving it a fresh coat of lighter paint it will reflect more light in the whole room and make your bathroom not only feel brighter but larger.

New Tile

Much like paint, a new layer of bright, light-reflecting tiles will open your space up. It will take a bit longer to lay in new tile then a fresh paint job but the results are more than worth it.

Lighting Fixtures

If you are struggling to brighten up your bathroom, there is always the very direct option of adding more fixtures. Many older bathrooms only have one light fixture in the room. Adding lights over or framing them vanity style around existing mirrors can provide you with more lighting for the bathroom. Additionally, this style of lighting is targeted where you need it most.

Glass Shower Door

Ditch your old shower curtain and replace it with an installed glass shower door. This will add a touch of elegance and openness to your bathroom. The benefits are doubled when paired with white or bright tile.

Natural Lighting

If the bathroom is on an existing exterior wall there are several natural lighting options that can be done to brighten up the bathroom considerably. Block glass windows will let the sun burst into a bathroom all the while maintaining as much privacy as you need and have the added benefit of being water resistant, allowing you to place a window directly in the shower.

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