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Top 6 Bathtub Styles For Your Home

When looking at bathroom design, the bathtub tends to be a natural focal point. During a bathroom remodel it’s important to take the tub into consideration for aesthetics, optimizing space, and functionality. Bathtubs have a powerful impact on the overall feel and design of your bathroom. In this article, we will review the top 5 bathtub styles to consider for your bathroom remodeling project.

Alcove Bathtub

Well known as a three wall Alcove style, this tub is a versatile and popular option that offers convenience and functionality. Ideal for tighter spaces that are typically associated with apartments and smaller bathroom dimensions, the alcove tub typically doubles as a shower, making this the perfect option for a guest bathroom, or families that share the same bathroom.

Corner Tub

Well known for its versatility, the corner tub is great for maximizing space while maintaining functionality. This tub style typically rests on a platform and triangular in shape as it rests snugged in a corner, allowing this corner tub to be placed between two walls rather than the three required for the Alcove tub.

Freestanding Claw-Foot Tub

This freestyle functional tub doubles as an optimal focal point. Drawing the eye with its vintage feel the clawed feet and sloping curves of this deep, high-walled tub makes a statement of beauty and romance. Typically associated with spacious master bathrooms, the claw-foot tub is a great option for those who enjoy a warm relaxing bath.

Drop-in Tub

Often referred to as platform or deck mounted tubs, the drop-in design of these tubs typically results in the tubs rim being flush with the surrounding deck. This type of design is common for whirlpool and hot tub varieties.

Under-mount Tub

Essentially the same as a drop-in tub save the addition of a covered rim. As an addition to decor and functionality, the rim of the under-mount tub is typically covered with decorative stone or tile.

Hot Tub

One of the most luxurious options for your bathroom tub is the hot-tub. Constructed with air-jets for stirring up strong currents, the hot-tub variety is specifically geared towards a rejuvenating relaxing bathing routine. These tubs typically do not have a shower-head installed so will require a separate shower option.

A good review of your available bathroom space will better allow you to choose the perfect tub design. If you’re in the Santa Rosa area, be sure to connect with our expert remodeling team to review your bathroom remodeling project. We can help you assess your available space and provide feedback on which tubs will fit best and provide optimal functionality.

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