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Tips for a Sustainable Bathroom Sonoma County

Does your idea of an eco-friendly bathroom include using more make-up, skin and hair care, or bath products that are free of harsh chemicals, colorants, or fragrances? Maybe you’ve thought about incorporating more ecologically friendly cleaning products in your regular bathroom cleaning routine. While these ideas are great for the environment, why not take your new attitude one step further? Just as naturally sourced products are taking over the food world, sustainability is taking an upturn in the design world. Upgrading the design of your entire bathroom using eco-friendly materials can be valuable to both the environment, and your family in the long run.

Go Low-Flow

Based on information from the Environmental Protection Agency, communities across the U.S. are facing considerable challenges with water supply. For that reason alone, reducing your daily household water consumption is a good place to start on your journey toward a new and sustainable bathroom design. The most significant amount of all water usage in a home occurs in the bathroom. Consider installing a low-flow toilet for reduced usage. Residential low-flow toilets only use a fraction of the water per flush that older toilets use, and a dual-flush push button toilet will account for even less water consumption.

Although it’s difficult to control the number of flushes we make in a day, cutting down on water usage in the shower is much simpler. Try limiting your shower to around five minutes. If that doesn’t get the job done for you, a low-flow showerhead might be an adjustment that does. Traditional shower heads can use up to as much as 8 gallons of water per minute. When you consider how much traffic your shower sees, that can add up to a substantial amount of not only water consumption, but a significant amount of energy for heating the shower as well. Since all that usage translates to dollars spent, your choice to go low-flow could potentially save you hundreds per year.

Sensible Sink Design

Motion sensor faucets for your bathroom sink are not only cool and attractive, but they make for a wise investment. They come in a variety of styles, so they can be matched with different bathroom décor. Stainless steel is the best environmental choice of materials for your faucet, and it is a little less pricey than other options. You might also consider installing an FSC-Certified wood vanity, or one made from renewable materials, with a ceramic or polymer sink to house your new faucet. Talk to a home remodeling expert to find out more about the types of materials you can use to achieve the design you want.

Most motion sensor faucets can take toothbrushing and hand washing to a whole new level because they only come on when they sense motion near the faucet spout. Rather than running the water the entire time you are at the sink for these tasks, you only use exactly what you need. They also help cut down on the spread of germs because the touchless design has no handles to collect all that wasted water!

Lighten Up

When considering a greener design for your bathroom, lighting should not be ignored. A skylight might be ideal, as it can save on energy usage, and provide natural light. If that’s not a viable option, flush mount fixtures with LED light bulbs will save both energy and money. With a plethora of styles to choose from, creating a new, more sustainable look and feel for your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. You can expect to make fewer trips to the store for grabbing those pesky incandescent bulbs because LED lighting not only consumes less energy but lasts longer. There is no need to worry about sacrificing light quality with them either, even though they operate at a lower wattage. Another idea for LED lighting is installing wall sconces with them over your new, wall-mounted sustainable vanity.

Save Green by Going Green

Investing in low-flow toilets and shower heads can bring efficiency to your new sustainable bath without compromising on comfort. When natural lighting is not an option, replacing incandescent light bulbs with longer-lasting and more energy efficient LED bulbs can be just what your new bathroom environment needs. Using naturally-sourced and renewable materials to re-fashion your design can cut down on expense and create an ecologically responsible space for your family. The construction pros at Gold Hammer Construction in Sonoma County can help you make the right choices for going green while saving green as well.

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