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Sizing up a Summer Bathroom Remodel

An outdated or well used bathroom can be uncomfortable for you and your family, as well as an embarrassment when you have guests. Even the smallest bathroom deserves to be kept updated and free of clutter. No matter the size of your space, giving your lavatory a makeover every now and then can make it more comfortable and more functional at the same time. If a summer remodel for the busiest room in your house is in your plan, here are some design ideas that can bring the largest to the smallest bathroom up to date.

Wallpaper works in a compact room

So, your house came equipped with a half bath. That usually means you’re only working with a sink and a toilet in such a space. Functionality and attractiveness don’t have to be compromised just because the room is compact. A sweet addition is printed wallpaper. It adds a little interest to the space, and the right pattern can even make the room appear larger. Try something with vertical stripes or bright colors.

Try tile in a tiny space

Besides the many visually striking options available in tile, functionality is a bonus feature. If you have a space that houses only a shower and a toilet, then you want it to be as water resistant as possible. Because the space is so small, fighting humidity is often a challenge. Tile is water resistant and it seldom warps or peels from water damage. Replace any wood flooring or wallpaper in your tiny space with tile. It can improve the look of your bathroom while making it easier to maintain and giving it a cleaner feel.

A master bath makeover

Because you and your significant other are typically the only two people who frequent your master bathroom, it’s easy to understand how it can be neglected. Organizing this very personal space is often an afterthought. Installing a vanity can help with storing the many beauty products and grooming items that you collect over time. Fresh new ideas for adding a vanity without cramping your style include slipping one between dual sinks, creating more space by choosing one with several drawers, or letting it stand alone as a small table.

Trends for the full bath

With a shower/tub, sink, and a toilet, the full bathroom is usually quite spacious. That means you have considerably more options for increasing functionality and appeal. Unlike a small bathroom, larger spaces can be mixed with a variety of designs. Dark cabinets and patterned tiles can be contrasted with other elements to make the room more interesting. One very trendy piece that will add charm to your space is a free-standing tub. There are choices that include Victorian, contemporary, and jacuzzi styles, any of which is sure to help you bathe yourself in style.

Final thoughts

You can upgrade your bathroom, regardless of the size, by maximizing on the space you’re working with. A very small space will benefit from tile flooring or attractive wallpaper, while a larger one can become more functional by adding a vanity or a striking statement piece. As with any remodel, be sure to plan yours by working out a budget and consulting a licensed remodeling professional. The experts at Gold Hammer Construction can advise you on the best summer remodel for your outdated bathroom.

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