Spa Bathroom Novato, CA

Remodel Your Bathroom Into The Spa You Always Wanted

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are certain things most people do to make it more inviting, as well as make it more valuable for resale. Usually, homeowners will add do things to the kitchen or upgrade the appliances, but one room that both adds value and comfort to your home is the bathroom. Since we spend so much time in there, shouldn’t it be the most inviting room in the house? Also, remodels to bathrooms usually yield much better offers from potential buyers. What’s the best way to go about doing such a remodel? One thing you can do is turn your bathroom into a spa. Not only will this drive the price of your home up, but it will provide you with a warm, relaxing space to unwind and relieve stress. Here are the best ways to create the spa experience in your own home.

Update the Shower

For most homes, the shower is a relatively uninviting space. In many cases, the shower is part of a bathtub, so it is not as luxurious as a steam room in a spa. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. A good way to spice up your shower is to install a rainfall shower head or a steam head. Nothing says spa like a sauna, so if you can draw up steam fast, you can improve your bathroom experience immediately.

If you do have a dedicated shower (that is, it doesn’t have a bathtub), then you can provide a simple upgrade with faux wood tiles. These tiles will help elevate the decor and are usually water resistant to make it easier to drain.

Clear Your Clutter

Part of the reason to go to a spa is to clear your head. However, at home it can be hard to do that if you have junk cluttering every inch of space in your bathroom. Invest in extra storage, like hanging bins or shelves that stand over the toilet, so you can make your bathroom neater and more spa-like.

Accentuate the Positive

Another thing that is very prevalent in spas is decor and design. To make your bathroom more inviting, spruce it up with some accent decor or plants. Even a paint job can make the space much more inviting. Also, feel free to add a stool or ottoman, so you have more seating options than just the toilet or bathtub.


Another way to help you relax is to install dimmer switches for your bathroom lights. Most bathrooms have bright, blinding light so you can see more clearly. However, for a nice soak or steam, it’s better to have mood lighting, so you feel more relaxed.

Ultimately, if you want to make your Novato, CA bathroom more like a spa, start incorporating things that you would find at a spa. Even if your budget and space are limited, you can make simple changes like adding scented oils and cleaning off countertops. If you have the money, install a deep relaxation tub or waterfall shower to take your experience to the next level.

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