What Shower Do You Need?

Remodel Your Bathroom To Design It Better

So, you wanted a walk-in shower and tile floors, but you had no idea the lack of a door would let in a chilly draft or that the grout gets dirty fast (and it isn’t easy to clean). These are common mistakes people make when remodeling their bathroom and there are plenty more. Here are a few more common yet costly mistakes that are simple to avoid. (Thank yourself later for heeding this advice!)

Bathroom Blunders

  • Entry Errors – The sight-line from other rooms can leave you and your guests unsettled. Maybe your casual gazes land on an unsightly toilet or messy counter-top, so keep this in mind when designing. Another error is not having an entry for sunlight! There are other options if you’re afraid of people looking in: a solar tube or skylight can ease your mind with natural light.
  • Your Friend the Fan – You may think you don’t need a fan, or fail to maintain the one you have, but a functioning fan helps eliminate moisture, which can ruin paint and grout by peeling and creating mildew.
  • Function First, Then Trends – Don’t create a colorful bathroom scene unique to your tastes if you plan on selling your house down the road, instead make it more common and comfortable. If this is your forever home, then keep your daily life in mind; avoid unnecessary or ineffective lighting, provide plenty of storage, and make sure you can get in and around your bathroom with ease.
  • Adhere to a Budget and Contract – A strict budget will help you determine what is most important to you, without wasting money on silly features. Once your budget is set and a functional design has been made within that budget, it’s time to write up a contract. Find a reputable contractor, then write a detailed-fixed contract (this will protect you from many rising material costs and unexpected tasks).

Plan, Plan, and Plan Again!

A poorly planned remodel can leave you with an unusable bathroom and a mountain of costly fixes, so make sure you imagine every detail inside and out. Take your daily routine now and isolate all the necessities, maybe you like how your toilet is hidden when you walk in or you don’t currently have enough space for all your towels and toiletries; this will help you list what to keep and what to add. (Consider hiring an interior decorator if you don’t have the time or desire to design your bathroom.)

Then set a budget, draw the design, and imagine every detail in your head: paint, tile, backsplash, lighting, and fixtures; don’t force yourself to pick something last minute and hope you love it later. Make every choice deliberately with your needs and wants in mind. Finally, hire an experienced professional to ensure you receive the best quality remodel possible. After comparing a few, discuss any discounts that may be available, and keep in constant communication with them to make sure everything goes perfect.

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