Moving From a Single to a Double Bowl Sink

Moving From a Single to a Double Bowl Sink

You’re beginning to formulate a plan and budget for remodeling your kitchen, and you’re considering materials for counter tops and new appliances. But if you currently have a single bowl sink, have you considered moving to a double bowl? If not, maybe you should pause for a moment and take a look at some of the advantages of moving to a double sink configuration for your kitchen.

Space Considerations

If you’re thinking that a single bowl configuration takes up less space you may be surprised to know that it’s not necessarily so. Most sinks with a single bowl have a rack for drying dishes on the counter that takes up about the same counter space as would another bowl. If you go to a double sink with two large bowls you can always place the drying rack in the second sink when needed. And don’t forget, double bowl sinks come in a variety of configurations. There are options where one side of the double bowl is a full size and the other is a half size.

But Is It Harder to Install?

Both a single and a double bowl sink are going to be installed the same way with epoxy and sink clips. The only difference is in the connection to the plumbing. There’s no doubt a single bowl sink connection is simpler due to having only one drain to connect to the waste trap. A double bowl is going to have two drains which must be joined prior to connection with the waste trap. Also, you may choose to have a waste disposal system installed below one of the sinks. Finally, there is the question of where to place the faucet. A popular option is a high, movable faucet that can be used in either sink.

What’s the Cost to Benefits?

You’re going to spend more for a double bowl sink than you would for a single bowl, before any additional installations such as a waste disposal system or a dishwasher, or both. Water usage, will likely be about the same as a single bowl sink. Now weigh the costs to the benefit of having more space for cleaning and food prep, and don’t forget that a double bowl adds a nice aesthetic value to the kitchen in terms of modernity and style, especially when combined with a high faucet.

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