Modern Ideas for Tubs and Showers

Modern Ideas for Tubs and Showers

Remodeling your bathroom can be quite an undertaking! The biggest issue for many people is how to make their tub or shower look great while not breaking the bank. With a limited amount of space, you may not have a lot of options on what type of tub or shower and where to place it. Here are some modern ideas for tubs and showers that will spice up your remodeling plans and maybe even solve some space and placement problems.

Modern Ideas for Tubs and Showers

Make a unique tub the focal point

Consider all your options if you plan to replace your tub. There are so many kinds of tubs out there: garden tubs, claw foot, rectangular, shallow, mini-tubs and more. Investing in a unique tub will transform the look of your bathroom. If you decide to go with a standalone tub, place it in the center of the bathroom for a spa-like scene. If you have a built-in tub, you can use color or decor to highlight the tub.

Use a unique color

By changing the color of your tub and walls you can make your bathroom look updated without spending a lot of money. For example, a black tub with black tiling around it is stunning. Blue and white are a classic color combination for bathrooms since it echoes water and evokes cleanliness. Explore your options on different shades of blue and white like teal and cream or navy and a light gray.

Use paneling as a backdrop

Put in a brightly colored or patterned paneling as a backdrop for your tub. Experiment with different materials and textures to get a good contrast. You can do the same for your shower by using waterproof tile on one wall of the shower.

Choose a unique material

The Japanese have a tradition of using soaking tubs which are made from wood. You can get the same effect by enclosing your tub with cedar panels or buying a specially made tub. Wood can either contrast the rest of your bathroom or blend in, depending on your style.

Remember you can always ask your remodeling contractor for advice to address your needs and wants with your remodel, how ideas fit into your budget, and how to get the best ROI.

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