Exciting Bathroom Color Ideas for Your Next Remodel or Redecorating

Exciting Bathroom Color Ideas for Your Next Remodel or Redecorating

Where is the one place that you go every day to refresh, pamper and take care of yourself? Your bathroom is an absolutely essential part of your life.  In fact, you will spend a little over 2 years in the bathroom over the course of your life. These are all great reasons for making your bathroom a beautiful place to be. Keep reading for exciting color inspiration for your bathroom.

Exciting Bathroom Color Ideas for Your Next Remodel or Redecorating

The perfect shade of white

White is a classic color for bathrooms because it creates a clean, airy atmosphere and makes the room feel bigger than it is. There are surprisingly many choices of white depending on your preferences. Warm whites have warm undertones and pair well with warm accents like yellow and red. The same is true for cool whites — they will look best with cool colors like green and blue. The glossier the finish, the easier it will be to clean but don’t let that sway your decision too much. An entirely white glossy paint job won’t look great in most bathrooms. Opt for a semi-gloss finish in white for a clean look that doesn’t draw the eye constantly to the walls.

Amaranth and white

Amaranth is a wonderfully warm pick that will automatically give your complexion a glow in your bathroom mirror. Somewhere between red and pink, amaranth is a trendy color right now. It pairs well with a crisp white for a look that isn’t heavily feminine or masculine.

Cobalt blue and white

Striking and vibrant, cobalt blue is a gorgeous color to bring focus and tranquility to your bathroom. Use it on an accent wall in a white bathroom to create a focal point. Or, paint your entire bathroom in it to create a rich, blue oasis. If you are really in love with the color, up the shine with a gloss finish.

Rose pink and white

Nothing will complement your skin tone like a glowing rose pink background. Light and warm, rose pink is a great color for your bathroom. It borders on a neutral, yet is just enough color to create a mood. You may have seen a darker pink used in bathroom tiles from the 1960s and 1970s with jarring results, but rose pink is lighter. It creates a soft, welcoming getaway every day.

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