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Create A Spacious Look for Your Small Bathroom

Got a small bathroom that’s cramping your style? Making the most of a tiny bathroom space can be a matter of a few simple design tricks. If you are thinking about ways to make a cramped bathroom look and feel larger, consider adding a little texture to the walls, upgrading accent décor colors, or both. Eye-catching tiles on floors that match or complement the walls also help to create a more spacious look, while adding wood cabinets can add warmth to your bathroom, giving it a more inviting appearance.

Inviting Tones, Tiles and Textures

It’s easy to feel uncomfortable in any room that appears dark and dreary, but this is especially true in a bathroom. When dark colors dominate your bathroom décor, a feeling of cold impersonality can be the result. Realistically, who wants to feel that way in the most personal space in your home? Small bathrooms can not only be brighter with the right colors, but they can appear larger as well. Colors good for creating this effect are those that are light and subtle. Another little painting trick is to make rooms with lower ceilings seem taller by painting vertical stripes on them, which guides the eye up and around the room, making it feel larger.

When the décor in your bathroom is a mix of paint and tile, then the tone should remain continuous throughout the space to make it more inviting. Updating bathroom tile is one of the most popular trends in both residential and commercial remodeling. Backsplash tile is one way to add dimension to bathroom walls, creating a more spacious look without digging too deep into your pockets. A relatively new, composite material that is highly suitable for accent décor, backsplashes, and countertops is terrazzo. Textured tile or 3D tiles are also good choices for creating the illusion of depth on bathroom walls. Talk to a remodeling professional today about your ideas for a fresh new look in your bath.

Flattering Floors with Safe Footing

If you are one of those people who enjoys changing your home’s décor with the change of the seasons, don’t forget that the bathroom is one of the most heavily trafficked areas in any home all year round. No doubt, you need and want floors that are easy to keep clean, safe and comfortable. Water is one constant that exists in any bathroom, and it can wreak havoc on the wrong type of flooring. Since it’s highly impractical to change your floors every time you change décor, you should make certain that flooring is durable for all seasons. A couple of good choices for ensuring durability at a reasonable cost are ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Ceramic tile comes in a large array of sizes and shapes, making the design easily customizable for the look you want. Larger tiles will create an illusion of more space. Because of its water-resistant nature, ceramic flooring is easier to clean than other types. Porcelain tile is denser than ceramic tile and is waterproof, as opposed to being simply water-resistant. Mopping either of these floors regularly will not create the kind of moisture related problems that can occur with wood or laminate floors. The threat of slipping on either of these surfaces is also decreased because the grout between tiles acts as a non-skid surface. Porcelain and ceramic tile can be difficult for the average DIYer to install. Contact Gold Hammer Construction for a professional, efficient and cost-effective install.

Wood Wall Cabinets

It’s easy for clutter to build up in a small bathroom and finding adequate storage space can seem like a tall order. The latest news in remodeling trends is that compact wood cabinets are all the rage. When built into the wall, rather than extending from it, these cabinets can provide a place for towels, tissue, bath soaps, and all those must-have hair or skin care products that are always getting in our way. Storing these items in wall cabinets, rather than stand-alone shelving units that take up space, not only keeps your bathroom organized, but gives it a more spacious feel as well. You will need to make sure to choose wood that is able to withstand the wet, humid conditions in your bathroom. When shopping wood for your remodel, the experts at Gold Hammer Construction can help you find the one right for you.

So, What’s the Plan?

Whether using paint or tiles to add depth and dimension to your small bathroom, subtle tones, eye-catching patterns, and soothing textures can help give it a more appealing vibe. If your upgrade choice is painted walls, then the paint should be oil-based and waterproof to avoid water damage. This is also true of painted wall trim and doors. A safe floor that stands up to wet conditions is important. Be careful to pay attention to the details when making a flooring choice for your bathroom remodel. Wood wall cabinets are a good choice for keeping your bathroom clutter free and creating more space to move, but you should be careful about the type of wood you choose, as well as the finish you decide to apply.

No matter the size of the remodel you want for your bathroom, you should always take the time to plan each step of the process. Even if you have mad DIY skills, you should know your budget. If you plan to have the job done professionally, you should be sure to get an estimate of all expected expenses, including all materials, labor and installation. Get a clear understanding about the time it might take to complete the work. It’s okay to ask questions. The professional and courteous staff at Gold Hammer Construction is here to help answer them for you. Your brighter, more spacious bathroom could be just one click or call away!

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