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Create A Bathroom Oasis At Home

There is no doubt that going to the spa in Sonoma or Napa can be a relaxing retreat. With summer just around the corner you may find yourself spending more time outdoors. At the end of the day, as you are settling down for the evening, imaging stepping into your own spa-like retreat with these bathroom design ideas.

Calm And Neutral Colors

There are several studies floating around that discuss how color affects our moods. Find your calming colors to create an atmosphere that provides the ultimate relaxation. Warm and neutral colors are often the go-to options, with three varying shades to bring it all together. Additionally, you can go with earthy tones and those of a soft blue shades.

Versatile Lighting

When it comes to the bathroom you want to ensure the lighting is not only functional but atmospheric too. Appropriate lighting placement with associated fixtures can go a long way in making your bathroom feel cozy when it needs, and bright for the ready to go morning routine. Consider adding in a dimmer light for optimal atmospheric adjustment.

Tiles For The Bathroom

It’s no secret that tiles work well in the bathroom. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of design and color options to only enhance your desired results. With both ceramic and porcelain tiles on the market, you can choose what works best for your bathroom needs.

Soaking Tubs

Are you a fan of taking baths? Consider a Japanese soaking tub to serve the functional purpose of a spa-like soak, while additionally providing a lovely focal point for your bathroom. This design option will have you thoroughly enjoying a candlelit soak either on your own or with your special someone for a romantic evening.

Walk-In Shower

If you’re not a huge fan of baths or are limited on space, consider a walk-in shower. Design your own shower with its own set of tiles, glass doors, and fixtures. Consider adding a well-placed light just above your shower for that added atmospheric touch.

Functional Cabinetry and Countertops

Let’s not forget the storage options within your bathroom. Not just the cabinetry beneath your sink, but your bathroom countertops as well. Finding a fully functional while aesthetically pleasing design that brings all the colors of your bathroom design together can be one of the best steps in designing your perfect spa-like bathroom.

Final Thoughts

For your perfect bathroom oasis, with a full bathroom remodel. Our expert team here at Gold Hammer Construction are ready to walk you through the entire bathroom remodel process from start to finish. We will review your design ideas and discuss each step to make the process simple. Call us today!

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