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What To Consider Before Remodeling A Bathroom

For most of us, we have something of a love/hate relationship with our bathroom. We spend a lot of time in it, but usually it’s not a place in which one wants to spend much of their time. It can be cramped, cluttered, and smelly at times, which can drive some people to do something to change it. While remodeling or expanding your bathroom may seem like a perfect idea. You want to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into before you take the plunge.


This is always the most important step in doing any kind of costly renovation. Look up designs and materials online to get a sense of what can work, and then go shopping in person. The key thing to remember here is that you are not in a rush (hopefully). The bathroom is a space that you will have to live with for years, so if it doesn’t work for you, you can be stuck with it for a while. Take the time to compare everything, and make sure to physically check out any materials such as faucets or tubs to make sure that they fit your needs. A bathtub can look good online, but be uncomfortable in person.


Many homes have multiple bathrooms, so before you decide to remodel, decide what the bathroom’s primary function is. Is it a personal space to relax and unwind? Is it a space just for getting ready in the morning? Is it a children’s bathroom? Your designs and styles should reflect the principal use of the bathroom. Also, you should always keep in mind the basics, such as towel racks and toilet paper holders. While these aren’t as sexy as waterfall showerheads or granite countertops, they are necessary, and you should plan them out before you pull the trigger on anything. You should also look into items such as niche shelves or a shower seat to create better use of all the space available, not just the area outside the shower.

Plan For the Future

Although the bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in the home, you may not be using it for the rest of your life. Before tackling a major renovation, think about how long you will be using it. Will you be moving in several years or will you grow old here? If you’re selling relatively soon, then it could be beneficial to look at what items will increase resale value, even if they aren’t your top choice. Alternatively, if you plan on staying for a long time, then you should plan accordingly. “Universal design” refers to things like grab bars or low-threshold showers; things that can add an esthetic flair while being useful as you get older.

Ultimately, should you decide to remodel your bathroom, make sure to take your time and plan it right. If possible, try to change little things and live with them for a while before you move forward with any structural changes. Since this is a place in which you spend a lot of time, make sure it becomes the type of space you want to spend a lot of time in.

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