Choosing the Right Tub: Picking the Right Tub Option to Fit Your Needs

Choosing the Right Tub: Picking the Right Tub Option to Fit Your Needs

Finding the right tub for your needs is more than just calculating the amount of space you have available in your bathroom. It’s important that you evaluate all of your needs. This means your home needs along with your personal needs. Don’t short yourself with a new tub that doesn’t capture all of your needs.

Picking the Right Tub Option to Fit Your Needs

Bathroom Features to Consider

There are a number of bathroom features that you should consider when deciding on your new tub. Not only do you need to think about the size of the bathroom space, but you need to consider your water heater capacity, the current bathroom setup, and the locations of your drains and plumbing. Also, you’ll have to consider the amount of weight that your floor will be able to hold.

Lifestyle Features

Think about the lifestyle your family lives and how that’s going to impact the way that your tub is used. Are you looking for an all-purpose tub that will be good for your kids to have enough space to stage epic water battles? Are you looking to invest in a tub that will turn your bathroom into your own luxury spa that you never want to leave? Or are you somewhere in between? The type of lifestyle you lead will play a role in your choice of a tub.

Tub Features

Tubs can come with a variety of features. There are also Jacuzzi tubs that turn your tub into a spa. There are tubs that feature hydromassage where you’re able to get a massage while in the bath or ones that offer air massages with lots of bubbles that encase the bather. You can also get Roman tubs that are deeper than traditional tubs meant for deep soaks, and walk-in tubs that are meant for seniors and others with mobility issues.

Types of Tub Installations

Tubs have evolved from the very basic to create options for your bathroom that are perfect for your lifestyle. There are drop-in tubs or undermount tubs that both go into a customized surround or deck. Some tubs are meant for alcoves where one side is finished that isn’t against a wall. Freestanding and pedestal tubs sit out away from the wall or a deck where you can see them from all angles. A corner tube is another option that can be utilized to work in the space that you have available.

Don’t think that you’re stuck with the same old same old as a tub for your bathroom. Explore the different options out there that fit all of your needs. You can turn your home bathroom into a luxury spa with the right choice of a tub.

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