Bidets Are No Longer Just a European Thing

Bidets Are No Longer Just a European Thing

If you have ever traveled to Europe, you have more than likely seen and tried a bidet. After doing so, you almost certainly wondered immediately afterwards, “Why don’t we have those things?”

For those that are unfamiliar with the concept of bidets on a personal level, they probably seem like a strange and unnecessary extravagance. They conjure ideas of French ladies smoking long cigarettes and who look condescendingly on your uptight ways. However, for those that have lived with them for any period of time, they feel completely necessary, and the alternative feels somewhat disgusting.

Bidets Are No Longer Just a European Thing

The fact is, bidets do provide a superior method of self-cleaning after using the toilet. By spraying water on your…area… after going to the bathroom, it eliminates the need for toilet paper and provides a more sanitary and more effective alternative.

With that being said, many people still wonder why they haven’t taken hold more in American bathrooms. There are many ideas as to the reasons for this, but they all deal in antiquated ideas that many of us no longer hold to. For instance, one school of thought as to why we don’t have bidets says that it is due to Americans in World War II only having experiences with them inside French brothels, and thus viewed them as unclean and immoral.

However, now that the world is becoming more of a connected global community, one of the shared ideas that Americans are more comfortable with is that of having a bidet. In fact, they are really taking hold for reasons other than what your expect. Bidets are particularly growing in popularity among elderly Americans. For those with arthritis or unsteady hands and feet, a bidet is a wonderful alternative to struggling with toilet paper.

According to Kohler, the largest manufacturer of bidets in America, they are also helpful in preventing urinary tract infections and other problems that can arise (or be exacerbated by) the less sanitary, more irritating method of wiping traditionally. Taking all this into account, bidets are no longer thought to be an extravagance only owned by people with money to blow and high-end friends to impress. Many middle-class families are now looking into the idea of having a bidet installed in their bathrooms, and it is becoming easier to do so.

In fact, Kohler and other manufacturers now make bidet seats that can be attached to your toilet. These are very reasonably priced and can be installed quickly and affordably by a local plumbing expert. You could begin with this simplified version of a bidet or go all the way with the full appliance. Either way, if you are considering having a bidet installed in your bathroom, you will be joining thousands of other Americans who are finally opening up to a far superior hygiene technique.

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