Bathroom Remodel Greenbrae, CA | Pre-Demolition

Hi everybody, it’s Ryan Perry on behalf of Gold Hammer Construction. We’re in a pre-demolition phase of a bathroom remodel in Greenbrae, California.

Come on in, let me show you around and what we’re doing. This is going to be a complete remodel. That means we’re stripping everything out of here including this shower and the tub. With the tub gone, what that’s going to do, it’s going to give the homeowner more room to push the shower down, making it larger. Now, with the empty space that the tub presents, they’re going to put an armoire in there. If we take a look, take a look at where my hip is in relationship to the countertop. It’s a little low. Countertop is coming out completely. They’re still going to have the two sink vanity. However, they’re gonna replace it with a Carrara marble. And speaking of this beautiful Carrara marble, they’re also gonna incorporate that down on the floor, removing the tile. That should really give this bathroom an elegant look.

Down here, we’re going to install a pony wall which is a short wall and that’s gonna give the bathroom user just a little bit of privacy. The entire project we expect to take about eight to 10 weeks. So, we invite you to come back then when we do the after. And we’ll show you the before and the after and the transformation that this bathroom has gone through. Take care everybody.

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