Add Shelves Behind Your Bathtub

Add Shelves Behind Your Bathtub

Saving space in the bathroom is a challenge that most homeowners encounter. Whether you need a place to keep spare towels or have a bathroom with less cabinets than you’d prefer, adding storage in the bathroom is an easy way to keep essentials on hand. One great way to add this space is to take advantage of the often overlooked and generally bare wall behind the bathtub. Here are a few tips for incorporating shelf space behind the tub:

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide simple storage and a sleek design that can match almost any decor. Stagger a matching set of floating shelves above the tub to provide a space to display some decorative touches, like a few candles and a vase of flowers. Put the lowest shelf within arm’s reach of the tub to accommodate a mug of tea and your favorite novel during a relaxing soak.

Towel Holder

An incredibly simple way to add extra bathroom storage comes in the form of a store bought towel holder. These units are designed with slots to hold rolled towels for quick access or to store them away until laundry day. Install a towel holder behind your tub to add a bit of color to the bathroom and to free up some space in the linen closet.

Hang Baskets

Turn wire baskets on their side and mount the bottoms to the wall to provide open shelving for your bathroom. Hang them in horizontally in a line to make an extra-long shelf across the tops, while taking advantage of the separated spaces within the baskets. Or space them in a grid shape to provide individual units for bath toys and towels for the little ones.

Rod Shelving

Install rod shelving to give yourself the option to store multiple items behind the tub. Many rod shelving systems work with hooks and fitted components to create customized storage units for a variety of settings. Use hooks on their own for hanging towels between use and add a few buckets for holding soaps and travel sized toiletries for your guests to use.

Have Built-Ins Installed

Contact a professional to install built-in shelving to seamlessly match your bathroom and meet your wildest storage dreams.

Adding one of these storage systems to your bathroom will help you to utilize an underused space and give you more room in existing bathroom cabinets. Whether you need an area to store items for visiting family and friends or a space to house your children’s favorite bathtime items, behind the tub shelving is a simple solution that makes a big impact.

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