3 Tips For Redoing Bathroom Walls

3 Tips For Redoing Bathroom Walls

Wall coverings are an important aesthetic and practical decision for any remodel, but bathroom walls present unique challenges because it is imperative that they withstand moisture. Read on to find tips for redoing bathroom walls.

3 Tips For Redoing Bathroom Walls


All bathrooms pose a hazard to wall coverings, even the best ventilated ones. Think about all the water that gets used in this typically small space. There’s repetitive steam and potential leaks and run-overs that can ruin a beautiful bathroom wall covering. Wall coverings for the bathroom must be made or treated to handle moisture.

Great covering options for bathroom walls:

  • ceramic tile
  • vinyl wallpaper
  • waterproofed wood
  • glass blocks
  • stone
  • waterproof paint


No matter what bathroom wall covering is chosen, the quality of the installation will make or break its effectiveness. Any wall covering that is not positioned and sealed well could still leak. Sealing involves both coverage and use of the right kind of sealant. Poor installation is particularly bad because the wall covering itself may look fine, but behind it has accumulated terrible water damage and hazardous mold that the homeowner knows nothing about.

Make sure to select a trusted contractor to do the bathroom remodel to prevent a poorly installed wall covering.


Practicality plays heavily in any aspect of a remodel, including bathroom walls.

It is always important to consider cost. For instance, many people would love to choose ceramic tile, but can’t afford it. When remodeling the home to increase the value of the home, weigh out the cost of the materials versus the actual worth of the remodel to make sure the remodel maximizes the return on investment. Always balance the look, effectiveness, and cost of a wall covering before settling on one.

Cleaning is also important. A stone wall may look beautiful and hold up well in moisture, but realistically, some of the rougher edged ones may present a cleaning challenge the homeowner didn’t bargain for. Even beadboard and tile may be frustrating to those who want to spend as little time cleaning as possible. The smoothest surface like bathroom paint  or vinyl wallpaper may be the best bet for such a homeowner.

Discuss relevant desires, concerns, goals, and lifestyle choices with the contractor to determine the best covering for the bathroom walls.

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